Procell Microchanneling ®

Procell Microchanneling facial is the hottest and most innovative skin care modality. It is the most effective, non-invasive & skin rejuvenating, with no downtime, and is one of the safest beauty devices on the market today. 

Procell Microchanneling Microchannel Procell ®

$300 Per Session
Packages (Price provided upon request)

Duration: 45 minutes

  • This sophisticated facial helps address skin concerns such as resurfacing & enlarged pores, aging skin, discoloration, or scarring.  This ProCell Microchanneling ™ Facial is the closest alternative to Micro-needling. Many of the invasive treatments risk damage to the dermal layer with potential exposure to pain, infection, and toxic side effects.

How it works

Microchanneling is collagen stimulation by microchannel delivery of peptides, growth factors & cytokines. Procell™ MicroChanneling & Stem Cell Therapy was developed in America by a Licensed Aesthetician and a Board Certified Dermatologist. Our “Microchanneling” service is microneedling… evolved!

Why we love it

Maximum stimulation with minimal inflammation. Immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, laxity, fine lines & wrinkles. Rejuvenates with little to no recovery time, and produces both corrective and anti-aging benefits. A series of 6 or more Procell treatments, about once a month can dramatically improve your skin’s firmness, smoothness, elasticity, hydration, sensitivity & tone. It’s a favorite from Hollywood to New York, and provides skin rejuvenation that you see!

treatable concerns

  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Tone & Texture
  • Hyper-pigmentation


  • Does it hurt?

    With minimal physical discomfort, most clients are able to do the procedure without numbing cream and without any noticeable pain. There is no lingering discomfort, and we have a number of strategies we employ to minimize discomfort during treatment. Post-procedure, most people report a “tight” feeling in their skin.

  • Who is qualified to do this treatment?

    As ProCell microchanneling treatments are minimally invasive, they are also safe for all skin types. Whether you are fair-skinned or dark, and even if you experience chronic breakouts, properly conducted microchanneling treatments will not result in hyperpigmentation, keloid scars, or other lasting negative side effects.

  • What type of skin condition can it help with?

    Microchanneling treatments can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks, and rosacea.

  • My skin feels irritated. What can I do?

    It is normal for treatments to result in some skin irritation, especially for clients with more sensitive skin. Always wait a minimum of 90 minutes before putting anything else on the skin. During this time it is normal for the skin to remain pink or light red. After the 90 minutes you can apply additional moisturizer or other products. Keep in mind however, that as your skin may be more sensitive than usual for several days after the treatment, especially strong topicals should be avoided until the skin returns to normal.

  • How long before I expect to see the results?

    Though neocollagenesis (the production of new collagen) can take several weeks, it is not abnormal to notice an improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin within the first 24 hours. After 2-3 treatments a thicker, more robust, collagen filled cellular matrix will produce more consistent and noticeable improvement. And 6 or more treatments may be recommended for scarring, laxity and wrinkles.

  • What are the contraindications I should know?

    If you have any underlying condition that significantly impairs your immune system, it is a good idea to avoid microchanneling. Examples include but are not limited to active radiation or chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic inflammatory skin disease, Accutane in the past 2 years, hemophilia or similar bleeding disorder. Also anyone with stainless steel allergies should not do this treatment. We also discourage treatments for those who are pregnant or nursing.

  • Do I have to use the after care serums/solution?

    Microchanneling stimulates the body to release peptides, cytokines and growth factors that induce collagen production. The Microchannel Delivery Serum and the post care Cellular Renewal Serum and Healing Accelerator Serum are extremely vital to improvement. Use of the ProCell aftercare products ensure the skin continuously receives potent, robust, pristine peptides, cytokines and growth factors even in between treatments. Think of diet and exercise – microchanneling without serums is like exercising without dieting. Results can be good with microchanneling only, but are significantly amplified with serums.

  • Traditional Microneedling/Skin Pen vs. Procell Microchanneling

    Traditional dermal rollers enter and leave the skin at an angle which causes epidermal pulling and gouging. Procell stamps the skin vertically creating evenly spaced, linear and fast healing micro-channels. This less damaging process results in minimal downtime with only the look of a slight sunburn for up to 24 hours.

Makeup will be removed prior to any skin treatment.

No waxing or electrolysis to the area being treated 5 – 7 days prior to treatment.

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications, such as Advil or Motrin, at least three days before the session.

Avoid blood-thinning agents, if possible, one week before to reduce bruising, which can be a side effect of microneedling.

Avoid unprotected sun exposure or getting sunburned at least two weeks before the procedure.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure or direct sunlight for at least two weeks. For the first 24 hours, wear a hat when outside, as the skin will be extra sensitive.

Do not put ice on your face to help with swelling. The natural inflammatory process is critical for skin rejuvenation.

Patients should take Tylenol if they experience any soreness or discomfort. Do not take anti-inflammatory medications for one week after each session.

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